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Delivers independent 240v* and 12v portable power supply for a range of applications including camping and boating – whenever and wherever mobile power supply is required



Lightweight, self-managed unit powers most 240v appliances with an optional inverter and can be charged up, using just a car alternator or solar panels. 



Employs a guaranteed, fail-safe management system that goes above and beyond the basic systems of other lithium batteries




Proprietary, quality casing and unprecedented built-in safety measures protect users from potential hazards associated with lithium battery units



This could be the last battery system you buy. With proper care, it will last 10 years or more

We've Kept It Simple...

You won't find any confusing switches or flashing lights on our lithium battery systems. That's because we've intergrated all of the fail-safe electronics into the system, so all you need to know is the functions of the display monitor which can be mounted in any appropiate location.
lithium battery 180Ah
Victron Energy battery monitor
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Independence on the Open Road ...or Ocean

We know that holidays and leisure time are an important part of life, and doing so with all the comforts and mod cons makes getting away even more enjoyable.
With the use of an inverter our lithium battery system provides 240V (AC) electricity for TVs, game consoles and cooking gadgets. So, now you can truly enjoy the freedom of adventure, whether out on the open road or sailing the seas, with all the comforts
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12V and 240V Remote Power 

lithium batteries 180ah

Compact Design and Lightweight

Victron Energy monitor


Energy Efficiency 

Evolithium's technology represents an evolution in power solutions. A 180Ah lithium battery compares to a traditional 300Ah AGM lead battery, yet it weighs 70 kg less. However, one of Evolithium's best attributes is its discharge capabilities. Lithium will discharge at a high constant current (1C) until it reaches 94% of capacity, unlike AGM and GEL lead acid batteries that will not hold a constant high current (1C) for more than 20% of their capacity.


(1C=capacity of battery in amps) 

200a battery discharging at 200a would be 1C

200a battery discharging at 400a would be 2C

Get an efficient power supply system based on lithium technology and receive 12V and 240V/50Hz* simultaneously. Our lithium battery systems can be charged from the mains, an alternator while driving or from other power sources.


* When used with an inverter 

A compact, lightweight design helps caravans stay below the required gross weight, yet provides more efficient energy for longer periods of time compared with traditional lead acid batterys and generator solutions. Evolithium power technology is perfect for life on the go...

500W consumption: 3h:30min

1000W consumption: 100min

Continuously: 150A

10min: 200A

15sec: 400A