Lithium Batteries for Caravans

DC-DC Chargers

Can deliver up to 120a charge (depending on vehicle alternator) directly to the caravan lithium battery system and protects the start battery from being discharged and also work with regenerative braking systems on new cars.


Inverter / Chargers

There are high frequency and low frequency inverter/chargers, high frequency are lighter than but not as robust as low frequency units that have a traditional internal coil. Most inverters and chargers will work with lithium batteries and there are more lithium specific products coming to the market.

Some inverter/chargers have a built in AC transfer switch which if wired into a caravans 240v supply will automatically switch between the caravan lithium battery system and mains power when it detects mains power is available.

When mains power is detected the inverter/charger will automatically charge the caravan lithium battery system as well as supplying your caravan with mains power.

For caravan installations we recommend a inverter of 2000w continuous rating and a 4500w surge.(due to extra capacity required@temperatures above 36deg)



General Battery Chargers

Our Lithium battery systems will work with general battery chargers that supply up to 14.4v bulk charge.

Voltages lower than 14.4v will not fully charge the lithium batteries, but will not harm the life cycle of batteries either.

i.e: Bulk charge of 13.8v will charge lithium batteries to approx 92%


Solar Regulators

Most solar regulators have a  charge curve suitable for lithium and will be the primary charge source throughout daylight hours so even if your mains charger has a lower charge voltage than required to fully charge the lithium batteries, a regulator with a charge curve of around 14.4v bulk and 13.5v float will top up the batteries.



Battery Monitor 

Our caravan lithium battery system can be mounted internally or externally and can be controlled through the internal mounted battery monitor.

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