About Evolithium


Evolithium was formed in early 2014 to fill a need in the market for a safe, easy to use lithium battery system.


Founder Ken Johnston has been working in and around 48v dc battery systems with Australia’s major

communications carrier for over 20yrs.

“One of my biggest camping gripes was having to grill toast either over a fire or under the griller, half was

black and the other bits were stale. I thought there had to be a way of using 240v without the noise of a

genset, so I started researching lithium and it soon become apparent that they could easily not only power

toasters but also microwaves kettles and even air-conditioners.”


So fast forward 16mths and we are launching our first Lithium Battery system which has been designed for

use with a safety comes first, easy to use, self-managed plug and play system.

Our mission is to make the Evolithium battery system using the best components from around the world and building them here in Australia using the best manufacturing processes available to us, and to deliver a quality product at a price that the average camping enthusiast can afford.

ABN 71168031712