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Evolithium has revolutionised mobile power supply in Australia... 
As the only compact mobile long life lithium battery system it delivers power, reliability, safety, simplicity and convenience – all guaranteed.

The Evolithium battery system is:


•   The most powerful lithium battery system of its kind in     Australia (delivers up to 400amps)


•   Delivers unparalleled levels of power, reliability and

    safety for a range of mobile uses


•   Charges using a variety of different technologies,      

    without relying on mains power

The Last Battery
You Will Ever Buy
lithium batteries  for camping
It Goes Wherever
You Do 
Safety First
Designed & Built for
Aussie Conditions

You can discharge our lithium battery system down to 80% daily for the next six years and will still deliver optimum performance.

With an optional inverter our system can run your 240v microwave, espresso, toaster and even your washing machine, without breaking a sweat.
Can be fully charged off a vehicle start battery, so if you're moving every 3-4 days you may not need to have solar panels installed.
Evolithium's battery system is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions and built tough to handle even the most remote desert tracks and corrugated roads.

Housed in marine grade 316 stainless steel, our lithium battery systems can be installed in caravan front boots or lockers, or hidden internally under seats or beds thanks to its unique venting system.


If you have an existing solar set-up, the great Aussie sun can charge up the lithium batteries with the addition of a lithium solar regulator.





Our lithium battery system contains 4 LiFePO4 prismatic cells which are proven to be 100% safe, unlike other hazardous lithium chemistries used in laptops and mobile phones etc.

Our lithium battery system also has an advanced fail-safe management system that comes configured to suit your specific application.

The Evolithium Guarantee

We have complete confidence in the long term safety and performance of our products and stand behind each and every one. To prove it, we offer a full 2yr replacement warranty on our lithium battery system and its components. 



We designed our lithium battery system to run 240v appliances anywhere, and can be easily installed into:


  • Caravans

  • Motor homes

  • Camper trailers

  • Yachts

  • Boats

  • House batt banks


It's also perfect for film crews and photographers working on location, no matter how remote...



ABN 71168031712